Monday, August 23, 2010

School is out for the summa!

Oh my goodness. I know that this post is a long time coming. Is it not amazing how so much seems to happen in such a short amount of time??? It really feels like it was JUST last week that I finished up summer semester when in actuality it has been almost a month already. Within that short time, I was able to finish my summer class with an A, Jeff and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and traveled all over Utah and to Boise visiting family.

Our anniversary was awesome! Because we never really got to enjoy a honeymoon after we got married, Jeff and I took a few extra days off of work to celebrate. I had no idea what to do for him, so after racking my brain for weeks, I decided to see if I could buy some Japanese Melon Pan (one of his favorite treats from his mission) on line. Unfortunately, to my dissmay, it was pretty expensive, so I did the next best thing and looked for a recipie.

Haha, call me clueless, but I had no idea that Japan used a completely different measuring system. All of the recipies I found were calling for 300 grams of flower...etc. Fourtunately, I found a blog that had translated the recipie. I felt as though I has struck gold! I prayed that it would turn out, considering I only had Jeff's description to go off of (a sweet roll with cookie topping). They kind of turned out like this:

I must admit, I was pretty impressed with myself. He LOVED it!

Anyway, Jeff had some tricks up his sleeves as well. We spent one of the days with some friends at Bear Lake. When we got back, Jeff unleashed his suprise :)

I knew that we were going out for dinner, but I had no idea where. After we got ready, we were walking out the door and there is a 1991 Cadilac limo pulled up to the front of our apartment. Haha! I must have been confused, because I continued walking to our car. So, we went to dinner at Iron Gate Grill (where we went on our first date when I came to visit). After that, we went to play miniature golf, and then finished up the evening with ice cream. We really had a great time :)


  1. What a fun anniversary. I'm so glad we got to spend some time with you guys during your "travels." Love ya!

  2. Those look really yummy Marie! Happy anniversary! We miss you guys!!

  3. Me too Jen! You guys are awesome and we love spending time with you!

    Thanks Candace. When we come home next summer for the reunion, I'll have to make some :) we miss you guys tons too! I wish we were so much closer! Love ya!