Monday, July 20, 2009

11 Days till new beginings...

Well, my last "physical" semester is coming to a sad end. However, new beginings, adventures, and a new life is straight ahead. 11 days from now, I will be sealed for time and all eternity to the most wonderful man that truely completes me, loves me for who I am, and inspires me to new heights. Life is changing so rapidly for the both of us. We are both nervous yet excited beyond belief to be able to share in such a great experience together.
As time draws near, we look back fondly on our dating experiences and how we have grown both as individuals and as a couple through so many different and sometimes challenging experiences. Our love and appreciation for each other has only gotten stronger and more solid. Looking forward to what the future has to hold for us is exciting.


  1. Your big day is coming up so fast! Congrats! I am excited for you. Good luck with everything.

  2. Awww... you guys really are perfect for eachother. I'm super excited for you!

  3. What a Heavenly Blessing to seal each other...
    You are richest person in the world!

  4. Update your blog, woman! I need me some Marie & Jeff news. ;)