Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bridals...with Jeff

My sister-in-law just started studying the art of photography about a year and a half ago and has taken some fabulous pictures of her family as well as other families, children, and babes. She has continued to improve this talent and I absolutely LOVE her pictures and what they capture. I really wanted her to take my bridals, and she was happy to oblige. We had such a blast...we even decided to include Jeff in some of them. Looking at them over and over again gets me even more excited about not only marrying this man, but sharing the rest of eternity with him. Here is the product of our adventure.

These first few were taken at the courthouse in American Fork

Close up

Throwing a little bit of Jeff in the mix :)

I really like this one!

This is taken at the same building as the first few. I thought it was a cool stone wall!

I can't decide which one I like better...black and white or color. I love them both!

This is my favorite one with Jeff in it :)

Jen knew all the cool places to take pictures! This location isn't too far from the courthouse.

Same ivy wall.

Haha! We had a blast with this one. The way we were posed reminded us of an old pioneer picture, so we went with it...man it was hard not to smile!!

One of my favorites as well!

Jen did such a great job! If you want to view more pics, her site is:



  1. Marie, you are too sweet! I had the best time doing these for ya. We sure love you two - we're so glad you found each other. We just wish we could be in Virginia with you when you get married.

  2. awwwwwwwww! she did a great job!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  3. You are beautiful bride!
    And What a handsome couple!
    Congratulation! and wish you Eternal Happiness!